I love all kinds of music! As a DJ, I tend to focus on what makes people happy and gets them moving. I specialize in:

  • Classic soul/R&B (60s/70s Stax, Motown, Philly soul, etc.)
  • Disco/funk
  • Electro/go-go
  • World psychedelia (tropicalia, cumbia, afrobeat, turkish, etc.)
  • Reggae/dub
  • New wave/post-punk
  • Hip hop/new jack swing (mostly 70s-early 90s classics)
  • Jazz/blues (from satchmo to coltrane)
  • Yacht rock (70s/80s smooth)
  • Classic rock (early RnR, garage rock, rockabilly, psychedelic, pop, prog, hard rock, etc.)
  • 80s (from dance pop to hair metal)

I can also do themed events based on the above genres.

I enjoy mixing “hidden gems” with songs everyone knows, but I will tailor to your desired experience.

Yes, of course! If you request a particular song or artist in advance, I will make sure to bring them with me. If you request a song/artist at the gig, you’re at the mercy of what I already have with me.

I prefer to stick with vinyl, but I can incorporate digital sources (iTunes, Spotify, etc.) upon request. I just need to know in advance.

My aim is to please. I want to ensure that your event is fun and successful, and that you hear what you want to hear.

That said, you are hiring me to experience a vinyl DJ, so the majority of my set (if not 100%) will be sourced from vinyl.

My personal collection spans approximately 8,000 LP records and another several thousand 7″ 45s.

Contact me for rates! I do not charge for consultation, preparation or load-in time.

Nonprofits: ask for a special nonprofit discount!

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